In March 2023, a new educational program entitled “Morias’ Old Man narrates…” was introduced for the first time at the Library of the Foundation’s Cultural Center.

The educational material of the program is based on a historical document of the Peloponnesian Senate to unravel the tangle of events before, during, and after the Greek Revolution of 1821, focusing on the life and actions of Theodoros Kolokotronis (aka Morias’ Old Man), one of the most emblematic figures of modern Greek history.

Through the main action of reviving the “agreement” of the Peloponnesian Senate with Kolokotronis which took place at Tripolitsa in October 1822, students discover the leading parties of that period, as well as the political, social and military context of the time.

Students also follow the historical narrative of the Memoirs of Theodoros Kolokotronis and investigate various aspects of the Greek Revolution until the establishment of the new Greek state by using activity cards .

The educational program comes in the form of an “archive”, i.e. a collection of educational material in a carefully designed folder,  aiming at Primary (6th grade) and Secondary (3rd grade of High School) students.

The goal of the educational program is to contribute to the official school curriculum, as well as to the public debate on the Greek Revolution.

The program may be:

  • held at the Foundation’s Cultural Center, Tegea for the schools of Arcadia and the nearby areas of neighboring prefectures,
  • loaned for a specific time period to school units across the country and to Greek schools abroad, upon request and completely free of charge,

by contacting (+30) 2710 557111 & (+30) 2710 556835 and

The implementation of the program and the material have been approved by the  Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Institute of Educational Policy.

The educational material was designed under the scientific supervision of the Historical Research Institute of the National Research Foundation, with the support of the Michael N. Stasinopoulos-VIOHALCO Public Benefit Foundation.