The digital application SETTLEMENTS OF TRIPOLI records the residential, population and administrative history of the geographic area of ​​the Municipality of Tripoli from the 17th to the 21st century in the area occupied by the Municipality of Tripoli today.

The research axes of the project were:

  • mapping of all the settlements recorded in the sources
  • mapping of the residential structure and development of the area.
  • capturing of the population changes that took place
  • highlighting of historical descriptions-narratives about the settlements or about specific issues related to them.

The information gathered is incorporated into the following sections:

  • “Settlements”
  • “Census Maps”
  • “Anthology – 21 Texts on Tripoli in the Revolution”
  • “Evidence”

Finally, all sources and bibliography used during the research are listed in detail.

Working group:

  • Dimitris Dimitropoulos, Director of Research IIE/IIE, Scientific Manager of the project
  • Michalis Festas, Ph.D. Candidate in History EKPA, IIE/IIE collaborator, Project coordination, collection and processing of sources, selection of Anthology and Documentary texts, photographic documentation
  • Giorgos Chiotis, Archaeologist-Historian, IIE/EIE partner, Database design, spatial data processing, cartographic reconstruction of administrative boundaries

Thanks are due to Katerina Dede, principal researcher at IIE/EIE and to the Institute’s scientific collaborators Margarita Liaga and Christos Chrysanthopoulos for their observations in the context of project implementation. Thanks are due to Giannis F. for his valuable contribution to the photographic documentation and finally we thank all the inhabitants of the villages of Tripoli for the valuable information they provided us in the context of the field research.

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The Institute of Historical Research of the National Research Foundation (NIF) implemented the research project “The settlements of Tripoli 17th-21st century” with the support of the Michael N. Stasinopoulos-BIOHALCO Public Benefit Foundation. The digital application was presented to the general public for the first time on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at the Stasinopouleio Cultural Center at Stadio, Tegea.