Why is reading important in one’s life?

The written word and the ability to read are the culmination and the very foundation of human civilization. These complex brain functions are what ensure critical thinking, on a secondary level, and allow the development of science, technology and society’s evolution. These is proven by research in various countries and by various organizations.

Knowing that reading is a tool for life, how can we help our children develop the best reading and comprehension skills? How can we ensure a life-long love of reading?

This important issue was the subject of the talk by Ms  Alexandra Papazoglou, Director of the Libraries of Athens College & President of the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists

on Wednesday, 30 January 2019 at 6.00 pm


This was followed by  a presentation of the Library’s electronic catalog and a tour of its premises at the Foundation’s Cultural Centre at Stadio, Tegea.