On Sunday, 24 June 2019 at 21.00 the baton will be passed on to the adults, with the Folklore Ensemble of the Cultural Center Prijepolge, Serbia, the Horevma Folk Dance Group, the Greek Dance Association “O Thyreatis” and the “TEGEA” Folk Dance Group taking us on a musical journey, accompanied by “PENTAICHON” Angeliki Pardali (santur, song), Haris Lygkos (violin), Panos Skouteris (wind instruments, song), Panagiotis Stathakis (lute), Kostas Karamesios (percussion). They will also have with them Pantelis Nikolaidis (aggeio/tulum and flute), Christos Navrozidis (Pontic lyra, song) and Efraimidis Theodosis (daouli drum).