The educational program “Morias’ old man remembers” is based on a historical document of the Peloponnesian Senate to unravel the tangle of events before, during, and after the Greek Revolution of 1821, focusing on the life and activities of Theodoros Kolokotroni, one of the most emblematic figures of modern Greek history.

The program aims to contribute to the analytical school program, but also to the public debate on the Greek Revolution.

The educational material was designed under the scientific supervision of the Historical Research Institute of the National Research Foundation with the financial support of MSVF.

The program may be :

* held in the Cultural Center of the Foundation in Stadio, Tegea  for the schools of Arcadia and those of neighbouring prefectures,

* sent and borrowed by schools for the rest of the country and to Greek schools abroad, completely free of charge, after contacting 2710 557111 & 2710 556835 and