At the global level, medicine is increasingly reaching out to the community on a daily basis at an impressively fast rate. The hospital-centered model and the strict role of doctor-healer is complemented today by research and the development of mechanisms for prevention and early diagnosis, in implementation of the Hippocratic principle of “prevention is better than cure”.
Doctors today are called upon to serve outside the hospital, at workplaces, schools, for the prevention of accidents, the development of appropriate rules for nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, always aiming at achieving the best possible level of physical and mental health for all members of society, and not only those suffering from a specific disease.
The application, however, of these significant developments in modern Medicine requires the cooperation of the socio-political mechanisms of modern society for the smooth functioning of our health systems.
These current public health issues will be the subject of the talk by


  professor Panagiotis Bechrakis,

President of the Public Health Section of the   Panhellenic Medical Association


on  Wednesday, 8 February 2017 at 7.00pm


at the Foundation’s Cultural Centre at Stadio, Tegea.
Entrance is free.