Raising a child is not always easy. Raising a happy child is even harder.  Many of us think that a happy child is a child that “has everything”. Unfortunately, happiness is not built upon material goods, travels, outings, nice gifts, overprotection and a “never mind, he’s only a child” attitude. Happiness is a fine balance that requires the parent’s psychological presence, affection and boundaries.
Boundaries and rules are the personal and more general laws of each family. A child that lives with boundaries and rules – with yes and no, knowing what is allowed and what is not – sleeps peacefully, without stress and anxiety, because it knows that the world around it is a safe place that does not conceal vague and unpredictable risks.
It is protected from worries  and fear  by parents and teachers who consistently and kindly set and implement the boundaries that surround it.

This interesting and important matter will be the subject of the talk by


 Ms Kiki Tzortzakaki-Lymperopoulou

Teacher – Family Counsellor



on Friday, 20 January 2017 at 7.00 pm


at the Foundation’s Cultural Center of Stadio, Tegea.
Entrance is free.