The Michael N. Stassinopoulos – VIOHALCO (MSVF) Public Benefit Foundation started offering Adult Painting courses in September 2009, taught by Ms Kalliopi Stamatari, an artist who has studied at the Fine Arts School of Athens and abroad.

The Painting workshop is held every Monday in turns between advanced and beginner students at the Foundation’s Cultural Center in Stadio, Tegea. Students are taught the basic principles of design and colour, in parallel with classes/lectures on and references to famous painters, techniques and painting movements. The course cultivates their creative abilities, encourages personal and group expression, familiarisation with the language of visual arts and the cultivation of the aesthetic criterion. All this springs from love and personal work, as well as soul-searching.

Throughout the years, the Painting course has attracted unwavering interest. This is confirmed by the number of new applications, and mainly by the diverse and remarkable works created by the students during this period. The Painting workshop has established and carries out field trips to museums and exhibitions to help students understand the subject of the art they are taught, to develop critical thinking in relation to painting, and to enrich their talent based on what they see outside their classroom. The start was made by a visit to the “Giannis Moralis” retrospective exhibition at the Benaki Museum.

The works of the Painting Art Workshop are exhibited every two years in an exhibition organised by the Michael N. Stassinopoulos – VIOHALCO (MSVF) Public Benefit Foundation in Stadio, Tegea. The public is given the opportunity to admire the work of the young painters, and this is an incentive for the participation of an increasing number of students in the Workshop.

The best works were featured on the pages of the Foundation’s calendars of 2015 and 2020.

Painting courses are offered for free.