Photography courses started in September 2021, with professional photographer Thodoris Papageorgiou from”Arcadia Images” as lecturer.

The word ″photography″, of Greek origin, is compound of the words light and writing. Photography is the art, practice and science of creating images through the recording of light, using special devices, cameras, that have a digital sensor or film as a recording medium. Photography in the age of the internet and social media is the most widely used language of visual communication.

The purpose of the workshop is to develop practical skills in order to understand and critically analyze the “photographic” image, as well as, to master the photographic medium (i.e. camera) for  personal, artistic and even professional use in the future.

The course modules include: image, technology, processing, management, light, perspective & composition, artistic capture, photographic work & presentation, and market of applied photography.

Classes are held on a weekly basis in the Cultural Center at Stadio,  and occasionally in open, as part of the practical training.

All lessons are offered for free.