Computer literacy lessons are offered to all pupils of the Primary School of Tegea, in cooperation with the School’s Parents’ Association and Mr. Schizas from E-Gnosi.

The courses are addressed to pupils of the 4th, 5th and 6th grades of the school. The 2-hour lessons take place on a weekly basis, every Saturday so as not to distract pupils from their homework on school days, in the school’s IT lab (fully renovated by the Foundation in 2019). Students are taught part of Microsoft Office apps, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as basic principles of internet and operating systems.

A new course of  Robotics was introduced since the academic year 2021-22. Students participating in this class are taught programming with specialized programs and prepare throughout the year for their participation in nationwide competitions.

In May 2022, the students of the 6th grade of Tegea Primary School participated  in the finals of the Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition 2022 (…/), held in Athens. They competed in: “1821-1921: 100 years of Modern Greece” (track category) of 5th Primary – 3rd High School category and were awarded the 4th place nationwide.

Robotics’ lessons are held every Saturday in the Foundation’s IT lab, opposite Building A in Stadio, Tegea.

Computer literacy & Robotics lessons are tuition free, while all equipment and competition expenses are fully covered by the Foundation.