The Foundation’s Library hosts  a Bookbinding workshop for adults, taught by Stella Lega from the “Foinikas” publishing house.

A workshop for handmade binding teaches designing of a book through all production stages. Based on the spirit of the author’s text, the design, from its printing and technical format and the selection of the paper, to the materials and bookbinding decoration, always highlights the dialectic relationship between content, materials and appearance.

The workshop’s operation is based on studying and learning about the tradition of bookbinding, combined with a modern visual perception. The old converses with the new in terms of aesthetics, techniques, materials, decoration and adornments. Moreover, it keeps open the dialogue between artistic and machine-produced bookbinding, serving the idea that “aesthetics are ethical”. In fact, aesthetics are not a luxury, but a way of life that expresses intellectual search.

Bookbinding art combines diverse elements and methods: theoretical and practical aspects, as well as, artistic and technical elements. People of diverse backgrounds contibute their expertise: artists, collectors, technicians, scientists, historical researchers, to sensitive apprentices of old bookbinders. In a bookbinding workshop, traditional methods meet modern needs of minimalism, prevailing our times. In the workshop, young people learn the art or complement their experience. The purpose of the workshop is to preserve knowledge and raise awareness about bookbinding.

Bookbinding lessons started in January 2020. The workshop now consists of two groups, one for beginners and one for advanced. Lessons are held every Tuesday in the appropriately equipped room of ​​the ground floor in building B of the Cultural Center at Stadio, Tegea.

Participation in the workshop is free, while all materials are provided by the Foundation.